Painter and sculptor Georg Baselitz (born 1938) is part of a generation of German Neo-expressionist artists, including Markus Lüpertz and Jörg Immendorff, who from the beginning of the sixties strived to create a new German way of painting to overcome the horrors of the Holocaust through art.

Since the end of the sixties, Baselitz has almost consequently painted his images upside-down in order to free the motif from its lexical subject. In recent years he has also worked with a series of so-called ‘remix’ paintings, recreating some of his well-known motifs from when he was a young artist to incorporate the experience of the artist and human being he is today.

The works of Baselitz have been shown in various solo exhibitions worldwide and his work is represented in a number of great art collections, including MoMA, New York Tate Modern, London; and Louisiana – Museum of Modern Art.