The Norwegian artist Anne Katrine Dolven (born 1953) works with photography, painting and short film/installations. A K Dolven has managed to create her own unique artistic expression inspired by certain historic art genres which at first can seem incompatible.

Her work is often based on a view of nature characteristic of romantic artists from the 18th and 19th century, while her motifs and formal expressions often reflect the work of Nordic artists such as Edvard Munch and Peder Balke. What’s more, her work is equally influenced by modern movements such as Surrealism from the thirties and Minimalism from the sixties and seventies. This complexity has placed Dolven as one of the most innovative Nordic artists on the international art scene. Though Dolven’s work often contains biographical reminiscences of her own life , she is fully aware that the content is not private, thereby closing for the viewer's own interpretation: “ I am in an ongoing dialogue about personal versus private. Edward Munch said that all good art must be personal. I’ve given that a lot of thought.”

The work of A K Dolven is represented in many international collections, such as Hoffman Collection, Berlin; Philadelphia Museum of Art; and KIASMA - Museum of Contemporary Art – Helsinki.