Anna Bjerger at MAN Museum Sardinia in the group show O Youth and Beauty!


O Youth and Beauty! takes its title from the eponymous tale by John Cheever, in which the American writer describes everyday life poised between beauty and regret, with the outlying, suburban setting painting a picture of post-war American conformism. In the same way, the works by Anna Bjerger (Sweden, 1973), Louis Fratino (United States, 1994) and Waldemar Zimbelmann (Kazakhstan, 1984), which share an intimate approach to figurative painting, attempt to portray these artists’ cultural identity by layering together realistic and fictional elements. By utilizing figurative painting, fragments of daily life became the tool used to shape their experience, dominated by tones of melancholy and a cultural identity that appears uncertain and fleeting.

09.11.2018 - 03.03.2019

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Museoman, Italy


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