DANIEL RICHTER / HELLO, I LOVE YOU / Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt


9 OCTOBER 2015 – 17 JANUARY 2016

Daniel Richter is one of most influential artists of his generation. His method consists in repeatedly questioning the possibilities of painting, for which he gives the following reason: “I don’t believe in technique. For me, painting is a form of thinking, and I keep control over the things required for this form of thinking.” For the artist, developing a continuously new, different pictorial language is like working against one’s own routine. He set large-format, figurative pictures of the social reality around the year 2000 against the abstract, ornamental paintings produced in the mid-1990s, and in doing so transferred history painting into the present. By falling back on the current production of mass-media images without illustrating or commenting on the occurrences, he presents the crumbling of social utopias in a distinct, broken style. Besides Berlin, Paris, and Zurich, Richter has also exhibited in Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver. Remaining loyal to his method, his first solo exhibition in Frankfurt presents a concentrated selection of his most recent works in which he thinks about painting and paints thinking.

Curator: Katharina Dohm (SCHIRN)



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