ERWIN WURM Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg


22.03.2015 - 13.09.2015

Erwin Wurm
As part of the series of artists’ projects at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, the Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm will transform the large exhibition hall into a German pine forest. Forest, Romanticism, the urge for freedom, the rejection of conventions and rules: this might be the chain of associations made if you begin with the word “forest.” The notion of overcoming external forces and the human desire for individuality and personal freedom are also important motifs in Wurm’s oeuvre, and they will play a central role in the exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. Over the past two decades the artist has created a consistent body of work, expanding upon the concept of sculpture through interactive and social aspects. The performative or sculptural deformations of the famous One-Minute-Sculptures, the Clothing Sculptures, and the “fat” objects, are also always about the futility of human efforts and the narrow degree of difference between high and low, norm and deviation.

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