Eva Schlegel and Janaina Tschäpe participating in Holbæk Art


The idea behind Holbæk Art is to establish a modern open art museum in the city centre of Holbæk by creating works based on innovative aesthetic and visual values that will constitute colourful oases and create an inspiring public domain. By adding to the beautification of the physical city environment as well as to a vibrant life and innovative dialogue in the streets, Holbæk Art hopes to astonish the viewers walking the streets of Holbæk.

Holbæk Art is a new and different kind of open art gallery: An outdoor gallery or a kind of museum which can be visited by anyone around the clock 24/7 and for free. 13 of Denmark's most famous contemporary artists performed during the second half of August 2014 each a work on selected walls and gables in the centre of the town of Holbæk. The ambitious artistic level was set by the curator to Holbæk Art 2014, the internationally renowned artist John Kørner. The vision of Holbæk Art is to create surprises, inspiration, life and dialogue in the streets of Holbæk. The idea originated in Holbæk Eastern Rotary Club (called HØRK), who wanted to create an activity that would brand Holbæk as a city full of attractive art and culture. With the help of Holbaek Kunsthøjskole, Holbaek Business Forum and the municipal culture and leisure department, HØRK managed to create a strong local presence, where businesses and volunteers together gave life to the ambitious project. Holbæk Art is now an independent institution, a foundation that plans to enlarge the Art Gallery with new works of art every two years. The first Event of Holbæk Art took place on 22 to 29 August 2014. The next event is scheduled to August 2016.

7 artists have been asked to participate this year, among them Eva Schlegel and Janaina Tschäpe.


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