John Kørner – Altid Mange Problemer

Exhibition Period: 18 June – 13 August 2017
Vernissage : 17 June 2017, 3 PM- 6 PM

The exhibition 'Altid Mange Problemer' offers an unprecedented opportunity to experience Kørner’s greatest works, alongside new paintings and site-specific installations. The 1000 square metre retrospective, which specifically focuses on societal issues, is curated by Marie Nipper, and can be seen at Kunsthal Charlottenborg throughout the summer.

Arguably one of Denmark’s most significant contemporary artists, John Kørner creates powerful artworks that reflect current political and social questions. Especially the notion of the ‘problem’ has been a recurring theme throughout a large part of his career, figuring either as a painted motive or as a physical object.

Marking the year that John Kørner turns 50, Kunsthal Charlottenborg presents the largest exhibition of his works to date. With a special focus on the social issues that Kørner has addressed over the years, the more than 1000m2 large retrospective exhibition looks at Kørner’s major contribution to the renewal of contemporary painting. The exhibition likewise pays attention to his unique ability to express himself beyond the confines of the canvas, through spatial installations and his approach to art as something that can express beauty as well as social engagement.

For the exhibition 'Altid Mange Problemer' Kørner has made a new series of paintings as well as several site-specific and immersive installations, in which both the abstract space and the recognisable motif of the everyday meet. There is a persistent sense of the uncanny in Kørner’s portrayals of the problems, emotions, moods and dreams of modern life.

In addition to new site-specific installations the exhibition will, for the first time, gather several of Kørner’s most notable series of paintings, such as ‘Kvinder til salg’, ‘War Problems’ and ‘Outdoor Struggling’. Thus, the exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg offers an unprecedented opportunity to experience the artist’s mayor work gathered in one place.

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