Marcel van Eedens solo show at GEM, NL opening 17 May


Just over a decade after his first retrospective at the GEM, the museum is now organising another exhibition of work by Marcel van Eeden (b. The Hague, 1965). In recent years, Van Eeden has produced several series of drawings forming complex narratives (often crime stories) in which fact and fiction constantly intertwine.
This show at the GEM will offer a representative impression of this part of his oeuvre. Van Eeden has added a new story line especially for the GEM. It is inspired by the real-life unsolved murder of a German called Frits Schallenberg, whose body was found in 1949 close to the museum in the pond on Groot Hertoginnelaan.

In this exhibition, this story is not confined to paper, but takes further shape in a fascinating three-dimensional version of the ‘crime scene’.

More info: gem - Museum for Contemporary Art (Nederlands)


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