Opening Tal R // Beautiful Boy


 Tal R’s new exhibition Beautiful Boy (Smukke Dreng) at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard consists of paintings, drawings and two films by Emma Rosenzweig. In the gallery’s west wing exhibition space, one is met with portraits of the people who occupy the painter’s home; the painter’s wife, his children and friends, along with still lives of the objects and things that the painter has picked up along the way; a Ukrainian goat, children’s toys and Chinese souvenirs. After nine years with hare glue and pigments, in this new exhibition Tal R has returned to the oil painting. There is great focus on detail and the paintings appear saturated in their abundance.

The paintings have a slow quality and a calm, which gives the viewer the opportunity to linger on the motif and the detail. We experience Tal R’s wife and children resting in private moments with ornamental backgrounds. The boys, who show themselves to us in static poses. The still lives of objects found while travelling or in flea markets. While the paintings are made up of layer upon layer of paint, the fifty drawings in the corridor, in a contrast to this, show another kind of calm. The drawings are rooted in a variety of processes: some are sketches for the paintings, while others act as a study of the finished motif. The connection is clear, the world it depicts recognisable.
In the east wing exhibition space, Emma Rosenzweig shows two films; Beautiful Boy (Smukke Dreng) and His Hands (Hans Hænder). Over 1½ years, Emma Rosenzweig has filmed the boys in Tal and Emmas’ shared home. The film Beautiful Boy (Smukke Dreng) is a serious documentation of the boys, who stayed for a time in the Chinese Room, next to the silver door and in front of the green wall of masks. Filmed with an 8mm camera and minimal editing, Emma interprets the female photographer’s gaze upon the boys as a reference to the classic ‘male gaze’ of art history. She shows the boys’ embarrassment and posturing in an open narrative on beauty and vulnerability.
The film His Hands (Hans Hænder) is a still life in movement. In this film, Emma has followed Tal’s hands as he sets up the still lives, the objects that come and go, like actors on a stage.

Two catalogues have been produced for the exhibition: one painting catalogue with text by Siegfried Gohr and a separate catalogue containing all the drawings from the exhibition.

Everyone is welcome to the opening on Wednesday 28 August from 17-21. For further information and requests for image material for the exhibition, please contact the gallery by email:


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