Painting the 1960's at BRANDTS //


‘The happy sixties’ occupy a special place in our collective consciousness. It was a time of epoch-making historical events such landing on the moon, Kennedy’s murder, and the Berlin wall, all of which had global consequences. Social structures were turned upside down, and this was no less true of the arts. The exhibition takes its starting point at a time when a phenomenon such as the Experimental Art School and artists such as Per Kirkeby, Poul Gernes and Bjørn Nørgaard set new standards for the interaction of art and everyday life. The Danish art scene was moving into the domain of popular culture’s mass-produced images, and artists were creating works that embraced the new media along with the colourful and the conceptual. In other words, Painting the 1960s draws a picture of a decade that went in for changeability as well as experimentation.

Exhibition period: October 9 2015 - February 21 2016


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