Per Bak Jensen at Hallands Konstmuseum


Photographer Per Bak Jensen has been a pioneer in Danish photography in a number of respects. When he began studying in Copenhagen in 1980, he was the first photographer to be accepted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.His first exhibition in 1988 was entitled Den gådefulde by (The Enigmatic City) and depicted Copenhagen in black and white photographs in a way that has since become a well-known signature of his work; a desire to use photography to discover or reach hidden sides of the world, “seeing the world as it really is”, as he himself puts it.Today Per Bak Jensen works with colour and black and white photography and has had a large number of exhibitions around the world. In recent years his pictures have grown larger in format and gained a deeper blackness with existential elements.The exhibition at Halland Art Museum presents pictures taken in Halland ahead of the museum’s reopening. All works are part of the museum’s collection and one is a donation from the New Carslberg Foundation.


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