Yehudit Sasportas at Gl.Strand 5 - 24 Januar. Hamakom / Film 2008 - 2015


HAMAKOM / FILMS 2008 – 2015

The current program of the Art Cinema is a body of films by the renowned Israeli artist Yehudit Sasportas (b. 1969). Five films produced between 2008 and 2015 are shown in a continuous loop.

The works of Yehudit Sasportas deal with landscapes and spaces of conscious awareness. Throughout the years, images and complex structures taken from real and virtual nature - such as forest clearings and bogs – create the structural basis of her work, allowing the subconscious to reveal itself on the surface.

Sasportas’s artistic practice includes drawing, sculpture, architecture, video and sound. Her work has won extensive international recognition, among other things due to her sight-specific installations and 3D animation films, which represent mental architectures.

The films are screened in a continuous loop every 1 ½ hour starting from 11 am.


Sunday 17 January at 2 pm Yehudit Sasportas will visit GL STRAND and talk about her work in a conversation with curator Pernille Fonnesbech.

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The event is free with a general ticket to GL STRAND


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